Kanban events are worldwide!

The success of the global Kanban community requires that Kanban practitioners and thought leaders meet face to face, sharing ideas and creating lasting connections.  

What makes a Kanban conference different?

  • High quality sessions based on validated field experience and data, not opinion and conjecture.
  • Emphasis on improving management with topics covering complexity, predictability, risk management, customer validation, and motivation.
  • Kanban University Kanban Coaching Professionals (KCP) contribute to conference sessions and connect with attendees. Advice from a KCP between sessions may be worth the price of registration alone.
  • Careful attention to conference program detail and quality venues to maximize learning potential.
  • The Kanban conference global presence means the best kanban leaders in the world are showcased. Every conference has an international roster.

Kanban global conferences

Modern Management Methods  – These conferences emphasize the 6th practice of the Kanban Method: Improve Collaboratively and Evolve Experimentally using models and the scientific method.  In addition to sessions about Kanban, attendees will learn about management methods such as A3, Lean Startup, Vanguard Method, Cynefin, Beyond Budgeting, and many more management approaches.

Stop Starting and Start Finishing Conference – These conferences emphasize personal productivity.  In addition to Kanban, they cover topics like Personal Kanban, GTD, and psychology of change.

Kanban Conference – These conferences emphasize Kanban: using it in scaling, measuring, kaizen, and generally improving service delivery.