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Lean Software and Systems Conference 2012

Boston, MA | May 13 – May 18, 2012


State of KanbanLand

Speaker: David J. Anderson

Business Success through the Lean Systems Framework

Speaker: James Sutton

A3 Thinking and Kaizen

Speaker: Claudio Perrone

Class Warfare

Speaker: Daniel Vacanti

Are you a Visionary?: How Lean Startup is helping to create an innovation economy

Speaker:Brant Cooper

The Improvement Journey

Speaker: Yuval Yeret

How Kanban Helps Us Move Beyond Traditional PMO

Speaker: David Joyce

Enabling Enterprise Kanban Transformation Through Lean Startup Techniques

Speaker:Jeff Anderson

Total Engagement and the Reinvention of Work using Games

Speaker: J. Leighton Read, MD

Identifying and Measuring Value for Lean Systems Engineering

Speaker: Gregory Parnell

Lean Systems Society president’s address

Speaker: James Sutton

High Performance Operations: Using Lean and Kanban to Achieve High Maturity

Speaker: Hillel Glazer

Who Moved My Risk?

Speaker: Mike Burrows

The Dark Side: How Cognitive Bias, Behavioral Economics, and Tribal Forces Help and Hinder Lean Initiatives

Speaker: Jim Benson

Set-Based Decision Making

Speaker: Michael Kennedy

Blending Hierarchy with Collaboration

Speaker: Alan Shalloway

Kanban Change Leadership

Speaker: Klaus Leopold

Kanban System Design

Speaker: Russell Healy

What comes after visualising the work? Conversations for double loop changes in mindset

Speaker: Benjamin Mitchell

Pattern Language of Flow

Speaker:Gareth Evans

Are You Sure You’re Doing Project Work?

Speaker: Arne Roock, Markus Andrezak

A multi-layer on-demand scheduling system for complex dev environments

Speaker: Richard Turner

Making the Entire Firm Agile (& Lean)

Speaker: Steve Denning

Using Simulation to Manage Software Delivery Risk

Speaker: Troy Magennis

Emergent Patterns for Kanban Systems in IT Operations –

Speaker: Dominica DeGrandis

DAchieving the High Velocity Edge in System Design, Deployment, and Operations

Speaker: Steven Spear

Understanding the Actual Customer Need Through ConOps

Speaker: Mack McKinney

Radar For Your Business (While Others Are Stuck With Binoculars): Using the General Theory of Innovation

Speaker: Greg Yezersky

Stop Doing Kanban! Start Learning

Speaker: Chris Shinkle

Lessons Learned in Lean Construction

Speaker: Gregory Howell

Scaling Lean | Agile Development

Speaker: Dean Leffingwell

Scaling Lean | Agile Development

Speaker: Dean Leffingwell

Portfolio Lean & Kanban: Myths, Misconceptions, & Forgotten Principles

Speaker: Jeff Patton

Kanban Metrics

Speaker: Larry Maccherone and Karl Scotland

It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Lean Anymore!

Speaker: Joe Dager

The social aspects of being an effective (and lean) systems engineer

Speaker: Neil Siegel, PhD

Lean’s Contribution to Enterprise Value

Speaker: Brian Hagen

Decentralizing Control: How Aligned Initiative Conquers Uncertainty

Speaker: Donald Reinertsen

The Systems Thinking Approach to Introducing Kanban

Speaker: David J. Anderson

Continuous Feedback: Process Control for Developing Software-Intensive Systems

Speaker: Mary Poppendieck

The Penguin and the Leviathan: Cooperative Human Systems Design

Speaker: Yochai Benkler

Fast Climbing the Risk Escalator

Speaker: Robert Charette


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