Become a Kanban Trainer in 2021 Train the Trainer courses are filling up fast. Apply today!

Do you have a passion for kanban and want to teach others? Are you a Kanban Management Professional (KMP) with practical kanban experience? Does your kanban journey lead down the Training path?

If you answered YES to all these questions, you can begin the accreditation process by attending the Kanban Train the Trainer (TTT) course virtually (like our recent TTT attendees pictured above).

Apply for Train the Trainer

Unlike most trainings, the TTT requires that you learn before you attend class. Many candidates spend weeks preparing for the TTT. You are expected to master the curriculum, prepare a kanban case study to demonstrate your experience, and deepen your kanban knowledge… all before class begins!

Class time is spent refining your training skills, testing your content knowledge, and inspiring your creativity. Attending the TTT means you commit to practicing three classes worth of material, preparing a sharp, concise kanban case study, and attending every minute of this assessment class designed to evaluate your ability to present the Kanban University course curriculum effectively and knowledgeably in a classroom setting. Becoming an AKT means becoming an elite trainer licensed to deliver certified Kanban training to further your career goals.

We are now accepting applications for TTT classes for 2021. Email us at, we will review the pre-requisites and find the best matching time and location for you.

Learn More About Becoming an AKT

Kanban University’s Train the Trainer course is meticulous, it needs to be. The content is wide, deep and includes a certain level of myth vs fact realization.

To be an Accredited Kanban Trainer is to know the teachings well enough that we can field questions and answer responsibly, providing insights for our students and the further adoption of the Kanban Method.

You will be seen as a trusted expert, with the opportunity to express what that means through the material that you teach. I have not experienced a trainer program such as this before and am very relieved I have!

Nicholas Wong, AKT
New Zealand

The TTT does not teach kanban. Students must have achieved the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) credential and be able to present a kanban case study. Attending the TTT course does not guarantee approval. Approved attendees may become AKTs licensed by Kanban University to teach one or more of the KU foundation courses: Team Kanban Practitioner, Kanban System Design, and Kanban Systems Improvement.