December News and Views From the Kanban Community Why We Need the Kanban Maturity Model
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December News & Views From the Kanban Community

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Why We Need the Kanban Maturity Model

Organizational Maturity Explained

Real Options – More Than Deferring Commitment

Kanban Comes of Age! December 14th Webinar

The Big LEANOVATE Advent Calendar

Kanban is not a card, but a space

Last Chance to Join Two Online Kanban Conferences This Week

Why We Need the Kanban Maturity Model
David J Anderson | Kanban Experts Series

The Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) exists to provide actionable guidance. Given where you are, the KMM suggests what you can and should do next. KMM is based on 12 years of real world case studies, observed behavior, outcomes and empirical evidence. In his keynote from Lean Kanban North America 2019, David J Anderson takes us through the Kanban Maturity Levels and explains how to let the KMM be your guide.

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Organizational Maturity Explained

Kanban Maturity Model has released more content on KMM Plus to assist you with leading transformational change in your organization. Illustrating the levels of maturity, Organizational Maturity Explained will help you to understand how organizations grow in their maturity based on KMM’s famous pizza example. The “Pizza” poster is part of the KMM Plus 2nd content extension pack, which includes: Building Resilience, Barriers to Adoption and Culture – Extension. 

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Real Options – More Than Deferring Commitment

Do you have zero uncertainty in your work or processes? Then keep scrolling! However, if you find yourself with options, check out this article by Anna Radzikowska on real options, uncertainty, and how to use upstream Kanban for better decision-making.

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Kanban Comes of Age! In These Times That Demand Organizational Resilience, The Kanban Maturity Model Is Here To Help

Organizational maturity enables resilience. An ability to bounce back, to withstand setbacks, and to reinvent itself, is what this decade demands. Kanban should be at the core of our organizational design strategy in these tough economic times. This webinar will outline how and why the Kanban Maturity Model is the right tool to build a resilient organization, fit to take on the economic challenges that lie ahead.

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Der große LEANOVATE Adventskalender

The Big LEANOVATE Advent Calendar

Mit viel Liebe haben Leanovate hinter 24 Türchen viele agile Best Practices, persönliche Berichte, Tipps & Know-How’s versteckt! Santa Claus Einen schönen Start in den Dezember!

With a lot of love, Leanovate has hidden many agile best practices, personal reports, tips & know-how behind 24 doors! Have a nice start to December!

Heute Türchen aufmachen! (Open the doors today)

Kanban Não é um Cartão, Mas um Espaço

O que é Kanban? Kanban não é um cartão, mas um espaço.

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Last Chance to Join Two Online Kanban Conferences This Week

Kanban India 2020

December 4 – 5
13:45 – 22:00 IST

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Flow Conference

December 7 – 11
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