Team Kanban Practitioner:

A Great Entry Point to Kanban

Are you new to Kanban? Perhaps you are familiar with Scrum as a team leader, a project manager or a Scrum Master and would like to see how Kanban can help improve visibility, flow and or predictability.

Maybe you are a team member that has been included in a Kanban implementation. You don’t need to know how to build, scale or drive improvements, but want to learn enough to be an effective team member in a service delivery workflow.

If either case sounds familiar, make our Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) class your first step on the Kanban University Development Path!

The TKP credential is granted upon the completion of the one-day TKP course. It is designed to introduce the principles of Kanban for a team to get started or for the complete team to get the appropriate exposure to be effective within a Kanban system. Many people new to Kanban find TKP to be the best entry point.