January News and Views From the Kanban Community Case studies, webinars, 2021 goals and more.

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Kanban-Empowered Digital Transformation

Sketchnote: Flow Conference 2020

Kanban Comes of Age! Webinar Recording

New Year, New Goals. What to Include in Your 2021 Plans

Kanban Maturity Model Com Pizza (Portuguese)

Deliver On Your Commitments: The 3-Step Project Management Guide

Kanban Coaching Exchange Upcoming Events

Kanban-Empowered Digital Transformation

A Kanbanize Case Study 

The newest Kanbanize case study tells the digital transformation story of Boa Vista and demonstrates how Kanban and Kanbanize helped them:

  • Bring strategic goals, risk management, and continuous improvement efforts closer to the teams’ daily operations
  • Continuously improve work process based on data
  • Adapt more quickly to changing requirements

Read the full story for more details.

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Sketchnote from Flow Conference 2020

Sketchnote: Flow Conference 2020

Ceren Yildirim perfectly captured David J Anderson’s talk at the Flow Conference with this sketchnote. We just had to share! Follow @sketching4agile for more.

Kanban Comes Of Age! Webinar

Kanban Comes of Age! Webinar Recording

In these times that demand organizational resilience, the Kanban Maturity Model is here to help. Last month, David J Anderson joined Digité for a webinar on organizational maturity. This webinar outlines how and why the Kanban Maturity Model is the right tool to build a resilient organization, fit to take on the economic challenges that lie ahead. If you missed it, you can still catch the recording below.

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2021 Plans

What to Include in Your 2021 Plans

Have you already planned your goals for this year or are you just starting? Mauvisoft has some hints on what to include in your 2021 plans. Let the Kanban Method bring you to a higher Maturity Level! 

Set Your Goals
Kanban Maturity Model Com Pizza

Kanban Maturity Model Com Pizza (Portuguese)

Você deve estar se perguntando o por quê desse título tão engraçado em um post. Bom, uma das coisas que vemos com frequência é a dificuldade de entender o modelo KMM – Kanban Maturity Model. Apesar de já termos escrito um post sobre o modelo com seus pilares e arquitetura, resolvemos trazer o modelo em pedaços… isso mesmo… pedaços de uma pizza.

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Nave Webinar

Webinar – Deliver On Your Commitments:
The 3-Step Project Management Guide

If you want to keep your commitments by making data-driven decisions, relieve team overburden and work with happy, self-organized and motivated people – this webinar is your ticket to make that happen. Register now to join Sonya Siderova and Nave on January 12th or 13th. 

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Kanban Coaching Exchange

Kanban Coaching Exchange

Business Not Engaged? Let’s Fix That – With Clarke Ching

If your agile team is fast, but you’re slowed down – or going very quickly in the wrong direction – because your “customers” aren’t engaged, then you’ll find this session fascinating and useful. The problem isn’t motivation or politics … it’s something else and it’s far easier to fix than you think.

Thursday, January 21, 2021
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM GMT

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