Explore – Challenge – Connect

Lean Kanban presents

The Kanban Leadership Retreat

This small event invites leaders in the Lean Kanban space including coaches, trainers, consultants, and thought leaders plus a limited number of practitioners. The agenda is planned on the first night of the event.  Bring the topics you want to discuss with Kanban world experts.

EXPLORE – Go deeper into existing concepts. Stretch the boundaries of ideas such as Cost of Delay, Metrics, Flow, Games, Maturity Levels….

CHALLENGE – Question and confront established ideas.  Present new material – it could change the way we teach Kanban!

CONNECT – Put your heads together and create something new.  Or, come together to give advice.

Bond with others during the 5-hour mid-day break in the beautiful local region. Recommended recreational activities are waiting for you. Get active or just relax.

The Kanban Leadership Retreat is not a passive learning environment!  Please come willing to share your ideas, feedback, and advice.  The sessions are meant to break new ground – not for basic Kanban training or coaching.

Your registration includes

  • all Kanban Leadership Retreat sessions
  • hotel room for 3 nights
  • welcome dinner and wine tasting reception
  • daily breakfast, dinner and snacks
  • free shuttle service (some locations)

Companion rates are available for friends or family that want to join the group meals.


Alexandria  Virginia

15 – 17 MAY 2019

immediately following Lean Kanban North America

How Does It Work?

The Kanban Leadership Retreat is a Consultant Camp format unconference using multiple rooms to allow separate conversations in parallel.

The topics are chosen by the attendees and the sessions are held in the morning and early evening, giving you the afternoon free to explore and relax in the beautiful local region.

What about the Afternoon Break?

During Kanban Leadership Retreats, we work hard and we play hard! The KLR locations are chosen to accommodate both.

We enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the opportunity to create lasting friendships with Kanban aficionados from around the world.

“Long breaks, fantastic people, great conversations and an exciting un-conference program created a perfect arena for learning.”   READ MORE

Ketil Jensen


Mayrhofen Austria

12 – 15 JUNE 2019

“Kanban Leadership Retreat is a safe bet. One can be 100% sure that the right people will show up. And when I say the right people I mean that you can learn from every single attendee.”   READ MORE

Pawel Brodzinski

“Discussions like this get exciting when you realise that you’re part of something that will change the way we understand, teach and implement Kanban.”READ MORE

Mike Burrows

“I was really surprised of all the knowledge and experience on one side and the respect for beginners on the other side… I got to know a lot of people who don’t hesitate to share their know-how and give support.”   READ MORE

Brigitte Pfeifer-Schmöller