Lean Kanban, Inc, operator of Lean Kanban University (LKU) certified Kanban training programs and the global Lean Kanban conference series, has formed a strategic alliance with Digité, the creator of the SwiftKanban software management tool.

As part of the agreement, Lean Kanban will distribute SwiftKanban software through its global channel of licensed training organizations and its certified Lean Kanban University training programs. SwiftKanban software will be integrated into Lean Kanban certified training. “SwiftKanban is the only established Kanban software product that supports the metrics and techniques we teach in our training classes. It’s the logical choice for our customers to implement what they learn in class,” stated Janice Linden-Reed, CEO of Lean Kanban, Inc. “SwiftKanban was developed in consultation with David J Anderson, Chairman of Lean Kanban Inc, and the pioneer of Kanban in professional services. Digité is dedicated to the Kanban community and providing the features to deliver significant improvements to our customers’ business effectiveness.”

In turn, Digité will develop the SwiftKanban ESP edition to fully support Enterprise Services Planning (ESP). Enterprise Services Planning is David J. Anderson’s new management framework designed for modern high technology intensive, professional, creative, and knowledge worker service businesses. ESP is the natural evolution from MRP & ERP developed and applied to modern 21st Century. ESP leverages Kanban and a service-oriented approach to organizational design to improve predictability and delivery times in professional services businesses. ESP enables an entire enterprise to coordinate strategy, customer demand, and expectations with delivery, improving the ability to shift direction rapidly based on market conditions and internal corporate factors.

SwiftKanban ESP edition will specifically support elements of the Kanban Method such as the 7 Cadences meetings. Users will find direct support for Kanban Replenishment, Delivery Planning Meetings, Risk Reviews, Service Delivery Reviews, Operations Reviews, and Strategy Reviews. “Enterprise Services Planning is a natural extension to Digité’s products and solutions that cover Lean/ Agile Project Portfolio Management, Resource Demand and Capacity Management and Application Lifecycle Management”, said Digité President & CEO, Mr. AV Sridhar. “We see the ESP capability, combined with SwiftKanban, as a leading-edge, comprehensive solution for organizations interested in scaling Lean and Agile at the enterprise level, and improving their overall services delivery capability in a cohesive manner.”

Lean Kanban will provide a free trial version of the SwiftKanban software to all the students who take LKU certified Kanban training classes. Over 5000 students have taken Lean Kanban training classes from the network of authorized LKU providers worldwide.

As another part of the new alliance, Digité will offer a catalog of Lean Kanban Services for consulting and training. This will expand Digité’s offering to include training programs.

“We’ve come to respect Digité’s focus on customer support and product innovation through working with them in collaborations such as their Kanban webinar series,” said David J Anderson, Chairman of Lean Kanban, Inc and creator of the Kanban Method. “This new alliance is an opportunity to join forces more closely and provide stronger support for the businesses adopting Kanban and Enterprise Services Planning around the world.”

Lean Kanban, Inc. and Digité will be unveiling SwiftKanban ESP and running demos for attendees of the Lean Kanban conferences and the Enterprise Services Planning Executive Summit events.

leankanban.com/esp/ for more information about the Enterprise Services Planning management system.

swiftkanban.com/enterprise-services-planning-with-kanban/ for more information about SwiftKanban ESP software.

About Lean Kanban, Inc.

Lean Kanban, Inc. is a management training, event planning, and publishing business operating globally through its network of licensed partners and franchisees. It offers a suite of management training classes through its network of accredited trainers under the Lean Kanban University brand, together with a collection of professional credential programs for Kanban coaches, trainers, managers and team members. Lean Kanban Conferences hosts and licenses a wide range of Kanban events and Leadership Retreats throughout the world. The CEO of Lean Kanban, Inc. is David J Anderson, author of the widely known book “Kanban – Successful Evolutionary Change for your Technology Business,” and the originator of the Kanban Method. Lean Kanban, Inc. is based in Seattle, Washington.

About Digité

Digité is a leading provider of collaborative enterprise software and solutions for Lean/ Agile Application Lifecycle Management and Visual Project Management. Digité’s products SwiftALM, SwiftKanban and SwiftSync are targeted towards technology organizations – such as Corporate IT, ISVs, IT services/Outsourcing and IT-Consulting companies, as well as general business functions like Marketing, Recruitment, HR, Procurement, Legal and many others. Available on SaaS and on-premise licenses, these products provide the most comprehensive solutions Collaborative Services Delivery in the Global Delivery Model. Digité is based in Cupertino, California, and has offices in the US and India.