Lean Kanban North America 2018 Speaker Presentations


Storytelling with Data: Bringing data to life through pictures and story

Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

Why Agile Teams Have Nothing To Do with Business Agility

Klaus Leopold

First Who, Then Why: Becoming a Level 6 Leader                                      

David J Anderson


Developing Organizational Agility through the Kanban Maturity Model

Speaker: Teodora Bozheva

Resistance Is Not Futile, Just Poorly Understood                                     

Speaker: Adam Hsu

Trust Leadership                                                                                                               

Speaker: Dragos Dumitriu

Think Beyond Methods, Create Viral Change                                                                                                               

Speaker: Patrick Steyaert

STATIK Beyond the Classroom: Adopting Systems Thinking with Powerful Simplicity

Speaker: Travis Birch

Optics of Kanban: Lens and Filters!                                                                                                                                

Speaker: Andy Carmichael

Legally Kanban                                                                                                                                                                                      

Speaker: Carlos Felippe Cardoso & Luiz Lula

What does it take to grab a cupcake? How Systems of Feedback Loops Regulate our Behavior – A neuroscience perspective

Speaker: Andreas Bartel

Service-Delivery Review: The Missing Feedback Loop                                                                                                                                

Speaker: Matt Philip

Katas for Kanban Improvement

Speaker: Michael Blaha                                                      

Hit the Limit of Local Flow and Move Upstream

Speaker: Martin Aziz & Fernando Cuenca


Managing the Chaos: A Proto-kanban Story Beyond IT

Speaker: Melinda Solomon

Portfolio Management with Kanban

Speaker: Nicolas Mercier & Frédéric Paquet

Kanban Burgers? From 18 months to 3 with Kanban and punctuation points

Speaker: Rodrigo Rosauro

ESP China @PingAn Credit Card

Speaker: Adam Wu

Your Tiger Teams Have a Blind Spot

Speaker: Gabe Abella

Building Bridges (and buildings) with Kanban

Speaker: William Keen

Kanban in SAFe Waters                                                          

Speaker: Susanne Bartel

Innovation to Delivery @ZhongAn Insurance

Speaker: Michelle Cheng

Sisyphus, Windows, Xbox, and Lean

Speaker: Eric Brechner

Kanban @ Optum: Driving Change and Supporting Growth

Speaker: Jeanine McGuire

Scaling Agility – ESP Approaches                                                     

Speaker: Ivan Font



Speaker: Troy Magennis

Portfolio Management with Kanban

Speaker: Natalia de Souza Manha

Pull System                                                   

Speaker: Alagumalai Suganthi

What is it?! Kanban                                                                                                     

Speaker: Andy Carmichael

Accepted Value Costing                                                                                    

Speaker: David Hughes

How can DevOps be implemented with Lean and Agile

Speaker: Ravi Tadwalkar