November News and Views From the Kanban Community Explore the Concepts of Class of Service and Work Item Type

Explore the Concepts of Class of Service and Work Item Type

Confused about the difference between class of service and work item type? This topic was a direct outcome of the recent Train the Trainer class taught by Joey Spooner and Todd Little. It made for a great discussion and learning moment, and we’re excited to share this post from one of our brand new AKTs.

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How to Use the Dependency Management Poster

Are you dealing with a whole network of services? Would you like to have more clarity on how to deal with requests within shared services? Learn how to manage your dependencies on different Kanban boards using Mauvisoft’s new free poster. 

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Seven Lessons About Dependency Management

Speaking of dependency management, why is it that organizations using Agile methods such as Scrum and SAFe struggle with and suffer anxiety over dependency management, while it is largely a non-issue for organizations using the Kanban Method?

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Does Your Kanban System Produce Reliable Probabilistic Forecasts?

When it comes to product management, the most pressing question always seems to be “When will this be done?” Probabilistic forecasting has been proven to be one of the most reliable methods to make future predictions while achieving maximum accuracy at a low cost. However, it doesn’t come without its challenges.

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14 Things Every Agilist Should Know About Kanban

What’s the role of Kanban in the Agile community?
Travis Birch gives us 14 reason why there is much more to Kanban than meets the common agilist’s eye. 

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17 Dependency Management Hacks to Improve Flow Efficiency with Ian Carroll

Dependency management is perhaps one of the final frontiers to be conquered for Agile teams. Developing a deep understanding of Kanban provides you with a rich toolset to reduce the impact dependencies have on your flow. The Kanban Coaching Exchange hosts Ian Carroll for an online meetup this Thursday, November 12 from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM GMT. 

The Kanban Coaching Exchange also has a great archive of past speakers which you can view on YouTube

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