October News & Views From the Kanban Community

Resilience and Agility Through Evolutionary Change and the Kanban Maturity Model

Agility is the ability to adapt to changing situations. Resilience is the ability to withstand adversity. As organizations have discovered, agility alone is not sufficient; resilience is needed as well. Both are fundamental to the Kanban Method. Watch Kanban University Chairman Todd Little’s keynote address at Festival Agile Trends España.


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We Don’t Need to Evolve

When is it acceptable not to evolve? It is a valid question to ask when a business doesn´t need to change. Some businesses can potentially be passed down through generations of a family with little modification. What they make and how they make it doesn´t really change. So, some businesses are incredibly robust. When is this true? It turns out there is a fairly simple formula to determine robustness.


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How Resilient Are We in Times of Crisis?

Online traffic jams, overloaded IT systems, back-to-back calls, and perhaps juggling deadlines and homeschooling. The last few months have offered insight into how we work and the choices we make. It has also made us wonder: How resilient are we? One of Xebia’s Business Units, Software Development, shares its findings.


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Is Kanban Agile? Does It Really Matter?

There is an ongoing dispute in the Agile community focused on the question “Is Kanban Agile?” Isn’t that funny? People argue and spend their time trying to classify the terminology to clarify what is inside the Agile universe and what is not. Where is the value in that? Dessislava Vasileva puts the value of Agile and Kanban in the middle of the discussion and approaches the topic from a different perspective.


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Change Might be Just Around the Corner

We know that Kanban can be overwhelming! If you feel that way too, start with implementing one of the first rules: do it slowly and approach it in an evolutionary manner. Small steps, one by one. Anna Radzikowska writes that Kanban is so easy to start with that even 4-year old children can successfully use it.


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What’s New with the Kanban Maturity Model?

Join the David J Anderson School of Management on October 21st or 22nd for a free webinar. David J Anderson and Teodora Bozheva will discuss what’s new with the Kanban Maturity Model and the 2nd Edition of the KMM book. Enjoy their presentation, Q&A, and be the first to hear a special announcement.


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