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Raise the level of your Kanban expertise. Be part of the global community of professionals taking a new approach to leadership.

Kanban Management Professional

2 course KMP sequence

Kanban Coaching Professional

5-day KCP Masterclass

Accredited Kanban Trainer

5-day Train the Trainer

Qualified #kanban coaches view shallow low maturity #kanban adoption as an opportunity to teach, inspire, and improve depth of adoption David J Anderson



How do you know that your employee or consultant is going to effectively manage your Kanban initiative?  Are you going to invest in someone who has not had top quality training?

If you are a Kanban manager, coach or trainer, get LKU endorsed and join the global community of Kanban thought leaders. Be prepared to bring your Kanban expertise forward to achieve spectacular results.


Client needs a #Kanban coach. Engagement likely to last throughout 2016. Must be a #KCP or masterclass graduate Alexei Zheglov