Kanban University runs several programs to build awareness and assure quality in Kanban implementations for professional services work.  Kanban University offers certified Kanban courses delivered through a global network of Accredited Kanban Trainers.  Kanban University also offers Kanban community events and published materials.


“Pragmatic, actionable, evidence-based, safe-to-try guidance.”

POWER IN SIMPLICITY. We believe that some simple ideas can have a dramatic effect when cascaded across complex enterprises comprising many interdependent creative and professional services. Ideas such as: visualizing that which is invisible; limiting work-in-progress; service-orientation; transparency; use of common language from request to delivery; simple qualitative business risk assessment; use of empirical forecasting using proven probabilistic mathematical techniques; aligning key performance metrics with customer expectations and fitness for purpose; and driving change in a low risk, low cost, evolutionary manner.

PRAGMATIC – we don’t teach it unless it has been observed in actual practice and providing real business benefits. Pragmatic – “something you can take away and implement next Monday” – cheap, fast, politically acceptable, possible with existing resources and within existing budgets. Actionable – we tell you what to do and how to do it. We show you how to interpret your own results and make your own decisions. No metaphors, no allegories, no abstract impractical examples. Immersive simulation games that teach real world problems and actionable solutions. Evidence-based – real case studies, real data, real examples, field-proven. Safe-to-try – framed as to avoid significant political risk, or endanger customer commitments, governance policies or regulatory compliance.

EVOLUTIONARY, NOT REVOLUTIONARY  “Start with what you do now” and improve upon it! We respect the existing business, its processes, and its capabilities. We seek to improve through safe-to-try evolutionary means. No reorganizations. No one gets a new job title, new role or responsibilities. We respect the identity of the organization, its employees, and their social groups.

CONTINUALLY FIT FOR PURPOSE. Fit for purpose service delivery that meets and exceeds customer expectations. A recognition that fitness for purpose is always in the eyes of the customer. Driving process improvement using key performance indicators that are directly related to customer expectations. Learning how to sense the market and respond with appropriate products, services and service delivery capabilities. Recognizing that success comes from a focus on being continually fit for purpose.

There is no wishful thinking in Kanban!

UNDERSTANDING. Understanding customers and their needs, expectations and the risks they manage. Understanding real results and real capability and performance data. Understanding uncertainty, variability and non-deterministic problems. Understanding risk. Respecting that risk is an essential part of business and it can be managed intelligently. Recognizing that non-deterministic doesn’t mean chaotic. Understanding that non-deterministic problems can be managed and controlled using quantitative and qualitative techniques.