Enterprise Software Solutions

Kanban University has partnered with Digité to create software supporting the Enterprise Services Planning (ESP) management system.


  • Extend the power of Kanban — at any scale
  • Improve enterprise-wide coordination and business agility

Beyond a Board

Advanced metrics and reporting for data-driven decisions

Cost of Delay


What happens if you do NOT do the requested work now?

Model the impact of your scheduling decisions.  Make collaborative choices about what work to start and what to deliver.


Upstream Kanban

Manage portfolio options in a Discovery Kanban system.  Use minimum WIP limits to consider options.

Track status at a high level with upstream roll-up boards and heatmaps that can link to downstream Kanban boards or controlled manually.


Liquidity and Volatility

How often does “in progress” work actually languish on the board, waiting for the right person to pull it?

Knowing your liquidity rate can tell you if you need more (or less) work options or more workers.

Risk Profiles

Visual profiles for each service, feature, or project.

Assess where you are now and how you are evolving, for several risk dimensions that you define.  This is a great tool for clear conversations and decisions about what to do next.