Today, we are announcing our new intermediate level professional management credential, the Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP).
At Kanban University, we are dedicated to improving the way modern 21st Century businesses are managed. We believe that modern, professional services, knowledge worker businesses dealing in intangible goods, can dramatically improve their effectiveness and agility by adopting the Kanban Method for evolutionary change and improved service delivery.
We believe that the most effective means to improve the performance of modern businesses is to educate managers to make better decisions and take appropriate actions in an informed manner, based on pragmatic, actionable, evidence-based guidance. Our primary means of enabling these improvements is management training. We deliver our guidance through our hierarchical curricula of ever-increasing depth and breath. The higher the level of training, the more powerful and effective, the techniques transferred to the student.
Our entry level management credential has been the Kanban Management Professional (KMP). Today, we are introducing the next level, the Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) credential. The KCP credential will be awarded to existing KMPs who complete the Kanban Maturity Model and our new 2-day Kanban Coaching Practices training classes.

Kanban Maturity Model

In May 2019, we introduced the Kanban Maturity Model 1.0, after a 2-year community preview, beta test and second beta test period. The Kanban Maturity Model codifies 12 years of experience of coaching the adoption and rollout of the Kanban Method is medium and large-scale enterprises. It codifies over 150 practices against 7 levels of organizational maturity. The Kanban Maturity Model is the primary coaching tool designed to eliminate the two popular failure modes in pursuit of business agility using kanban: the over-reaching problem – too much, too soon, leads to resistance and the corporate antibodies spit it out; and, the false summit plateau problem where there is the belief that “we’ve done Kanban, and it helped, so what is next?” The Kanban Maturity Model greatly improves the chances of large-scale success using the Kanban Method to pursue business agility. The Kanban Maturity Model democratizes elite Kanban coaching knowledge into a playbook that can be used at scale.

Kanban Coaching Practices

The Kanban Maturity Model Extension for Coaching Practices (known as “KMMX Coaching Practices”) is a collection of popular and effective methods adopted, adapted, and evolved by the Accredited Kanban Consulting (AKC) community over the past decade. These have now been codified and mapped for appropriateness of application across organizational maturity levels. This knowledge is now available neatly packaged into a 2-day training class that augments the Kanban Maturity Model (3-day) class. Together the KMM and KMMX Coaching Practices provides a powerful set of tools, practices and pragmatic, actionable, evidence-based guidance intended to make the practitioner fully competent to implement Kanban at scale.

Large Scale Business Agility

Our goal is to take organizations to a full Kanban implementation with end-to-end pull. We do this because we see the huge improvements in service delivery, customer satisfaction and service delivery that result from achieving this depth of Kanban: typically, organizations that implement the method fully, with a pull system and work-in-progress limits, see lead times drop by 90%, productivity rise by 200-300% and customer satisfaction jump to close to 100%. At this level a professional services organization is truly fit-for-purpose. In the Kanban Maturity Model, we describe this as Maturity Level 3. For large-scale business agility firms must aspire to at least Maturity Level 3.
Our goal with the Kanban Coaching Professional credential is to indicate those who have achieved a level of education and knowledge that enables them to coach an organization of 150-600 people to achieving Maturity Level 3, and a full, end-to-end pull, implementation of Kanban across an entire network of services that make up several product units aggregating into a single business unit.
The Kanban Coaching Professional credential is your indication that its holder has the knowledge and capability to enable truly large-scale business agility and outstanding economic improvements that come from 200-300% increases in productivity and 90% reductions in delivery times.

Another Step Forward on our Mission

Kanban University is dedicated to improving the performance of modern 21st Century businesses, and the effectiveness of managers in professional services, knowledge worker organizations. The democratization of our coaching practices and implementation knowledge in the Kanban Maturity Model moves us another step forward on our mission to bring our pragmatic, actionable, evidence-based guidance, to a broad audience world-wide. Since 2007, the Kanban Method has offered, “the alternative path to agility.” With the arrival of the Kanban Maturity Model, and our Kanban Coaching Practices codification, we’ve made following that path to agility more predictable and less risky. Our new Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) credential is your guarantee that you have the skills, knowledge and expertise to achieve your business agility aspirations and your organizational goals and objectives.

About Kanban University

Kanban University is a management training company based in Seattle, United States. Led by David J. Anderson, the originator of the Kanban Method, it is the authority on training and professional development using Kanban. Kanban University offers certified training classes through a global network of accredited trainers (AKTs).
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