Once you have achieved the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) credential, your journey on the Kanban University Development Path can continue on the Training Path (as we covered in our recent Train the Trainer newsletter) or you can take the Coaching Path.  

KMPs who attend the Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) and Kanban Coaching Practices (KCP) courses will attain the Kanban Coaching Professional credential. KCPs understand the Kanban Maturity Model playbook to help evolve an organization to higher levels of maturity.

Learn more about the two courses required for the KCP credential: 

Kanban Maturity Model

The Kanban Maturity Model course will help you to determine and understand the maturity level of your organization so that you can take actionable steps to appropriately implement the Kanban practices that will help take the organization to higher maturity.

Attending the KMM course will enable you to:


  • Determine the maturity level of an organization in terms of observable behaviors, management practices and business outcomes.
  • Define the right approach to lead the organization to the next level.
  • Determine and appropriately implement the Kanban practices that will help the organization deliver better on customer expectations and internal objectives.

Kanban Coaching Practices 

Learn how you can use Kanban to succeed where other change initiatives have failed by attending the Kanban Coaching Practices course.

You will learn how to apply Kanban’s gradual, non-traumatic approach to change, and leverage the Kanban Maturity Model. Learn the techniques and mindset to extend your coaching skills, see more buy-in and greater success.

Attending the KCP course will enable you to:


  • Understand the psychology and sociology of change, change management and resistance to change.
  • Motivate and implement change.
  • Use the Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) as a tool for change and improvement.