The Kanban Method was conceived as an alternative path to agility – as a means to improve responsiveness and adaptability without any significant revolution or reorganization in your way or working or political structure of your business. Lean Kanban University has recently introduced a series of training classes developed and evolved from older, tried and tested curriculum to ease adoption of Kanban and communicate the full scope and scale of what is possible when you fully embrace Kanban as a way to manage your modern professional services business.

This table shows The Kanban Method and the alternative path to agility is a single graphic. From left to right you progress from basic introductory shallow kanban boards to full enterprise scale, Enterprise Services Planning.


In September our new training facility, the Anderson School of Management opens in Seattle conveniently located near Seattle Center at 200 First Avenue West. We will be offering the full suite of Kanban and Enterprise Services Planning classes every month. Browse our schedule via our training listings. Email our sales team for summer offers and promotions if you register before August 10th, 2015.